Mom saying you watch too much television? Take a visit to TV Land and tell her what’s up. The Paley Center for Media, previously known as the Museum of Television and Radio, is a center that examines the significance of the mediums of media.  Give mom a big “What now?”, when you learn about the cultural, creative and social contributions of television and radio, as this museum exposes the correlation between media and society.

Not just any museum, the Paley Center has a library of over 140,000 TV programs from around 70 countries, covering over a century of television and radio history. The programs range from news programming to sitcoms; even commercial advertising has a place to resonate. These databases are accessible by the general public.

But don’t think that every show imaginable is showcased here. All the programs have been chosen on the basis of “creative achievement, historic significance and social impact.”

The center holds conferences and debates where media professionals and experts can take on discussions about the evolution of media. 

The center also holds screenings of a program called Media as Lens, a little something for us trendspotters. Artists from all fields and specialties discuss creative forms and current trends in media, pop culture and global issues. 

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Keeping It Going 07/23/2007

2007 spawned the beginning of new hit television shows, as well as the rise and fall of past years major hits. This year we saw the introduction of “Heroes” on NBC, which had everyone wondering the meaning behind “save the cheerleader, save the world”. From what I’ve heard from fellow watchers of the show, they’re expecting it to be just a popular next year. No doubt the late summer release of the DVD’s will bring in more viewers ready for next season. Despite the domestic issues faced by Alec Baldwin, “30 Rock” also proved to be a major hit in the prime time slot earning an Emmy nomination for Best Comedy Series. It’s still uncertain if Baldwin will return for next season, but the show may be able to stand on its own with it’s growing fan base.

The major story in television is the ongoing excitement people are still getting about past shows. Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty, 2 and a Half Men, House, and The Office have all taken off gaining more and more popularity as their seasons went on. Although all these shows picked up steam this season a lot of views are left wondering how long it can keep up. We all recall the major hype surrounded by Grey’s Anatomy two years ago, which made people who didn’t watch the show feel like outsiders if they didn’t know who McDreamy was. And who could forget the classic moments between Jim and Pam on The Office that had viewers yelling at the television. It seems like shows last for about 4 strong seasons and then we’re all left wondering how can this keep up for 8-10 years like “Seinfeld” or “Friends”. In its 6th season we saw “24” fall from it’s glory days with the worst season to date, so we have to wonder what everyone else will be doing to keep their viewers entertained.

Many people are saying that TV isn’t what it used to be, with the exception of a couple hit shows here and there. This is also making it harder for the new shows coming out this season because every year there is at least 1 major show that captivates everyone and it turns into the biggest trend of the year. Look at “The OC”. It started as just a show to fill time in the summer, and turned into a phenomenon. Now, 3 years later it’s an annoying memory. I think this year will be the one to look at for our current favorite shows. A lot of them have just finished their 2nd or 3rd season and now they’re at that critical point to see if they can keep their fans or if another TV trend will swoop in and be a new prime time Hero.