NuWave Chicago Photos

Mobile digital-broadcast TV is appearing on more and more cell phones per year.  Currently the most popular provider is Verizon, whose V-Cast program is becoming the main inspiration for new cell phone designs each year.  As camera phones created the need for change in cell phones, digital-broadcast TV will also.  Not only do people want their video to be high quality, but they also want high-speed connectivity and digital-broadcast capabilities that will not affect the quality and battery life of the phone.


After cutting a deal with ABC to offer downloads of the network’s popular TV shows through iTunes, Jobs found an opportunity to introduce portable video to the already popular iPod.  iTunes proceeded to make arrangements with other networks, film companies, and music artists.


Digital video recording, or DVR, is making a movement into television households; however with an additional cost on top of standard cable service this movement is gradual.  As of May 2006, about seven percent of homes in the United States had a DVR system.